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Fluorescent Index Tabs & Sticky Notes - 20 Sheets

Fluorescent Index Tabs & Sticky Notes - 20 Sheets

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With 20 sheets per pack, these adhesive stickers from BLINGIRD serve as vibrant and practical tools suitable for children and adults alike, ideal for school or office settings. The transparent fluorescent design not only adds flair but also acts as efficient index tabs, simplifying organization effortlessly.

- Adhesive: Yes
- Function: Decoration and Organization
- Magnetism: No
- Style: Memo Pads

Perfect for highlighting crucial notes, marking essential pages, or organizing files, these stickers boast a loose-leaf style, offering unmatched convenience and adaptability. Their secure adhesive ensures a strong grip without leaving residue, preserving the pristine condition of your documents or books.

Elevate your stationery collection with BLINGIRD's Creative School Supplies—a fusion of functionality, style, and reliability meticulously designed to amplify productivity and spark creativity.

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